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A home sector full of high quality products, with an all-Italian creation and style. Precious fabrics and finishes made with the utmost care, come together to make each house truly unique and original.

Scopri la collezione Roberta Netti per il comparto casa dal carattere personale, innovativo e altamente creativo.


The collections present solutions with a strong expressive character, where the precious resource of craftsmanship is associated with innovative and trendy shapes and colors.

The Luxury collection transforms tailoring into style, choosing the colors and shapes that come closest to a concept of contemporary luxury that is never excessive, in the best made in Italy tradition.

Refined and elegant, this collection does not renounce the originality expressed through the use of high quality fabrics and creations with a strong innovative character.

The Mediterraneo collection is perfect for those who love marine atmospheres and the bright colors of summer.

Created and designed to recall the trends and the spirit of our territories,

giving all the freshness and energy of the summer.

Fabrics that know how to excite thanks to the precious resource of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Aesthetic concept with romantic and captivating lines are the characteristics of the Cachemire collection, the expression of an unprecedented vision of living.

Fabrics with abstract patterns and classic motifs, designed for those who want a bedroom with refined and exclusive lines.

Unique collection of its kind for the richness of the details and the variety in the colors.

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